Raw Veggies & Dip

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s a simple snack or appetizer idea. Hummus or baba ganoush (eggplant dip like hummus) with raw veggies! If you struggle with eating everything in sight when you get home from work, than have these foods on hand— ready to go ( washed, chopped, stored in the fridge)— and make it your default snack rather than cookies, crackers, chips, pretzels… or whatever else you tend to gravitate towards in-between meals. Happy munching!

Raw Veggies & Dip
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  1. Raw veggies- washed and chopped
  2. hummus or baba ganoush
  1. Prep veggies if not already prepped.
  2. Open the hummus or baba ganoush, if store bought.
  3. Dip away!
Kristina DeMuth https://kristinademuth.com/