Kristina is equipped with a number of skillsets to help your organization with nutrition and health activities. She has experience in everything from research, writing, menu development and make-overs, public speaking, and more. Please contact Kristina at [email protected] for rates.

Health & nutrition writing:

Does your blog, newsletter, social media posts, or magazine need insight about health trends, healthy eating, or nutrition? Kristina loves to write, especially about food, health, nutrition, and vegetables.

Recipe development or menu make-overs:

Does your organization need help creating healthier recipes for programs, events, or cafeterias? Kristina has experience with recipe development, menu make-overs, and food photography, as well as working with a culinary team to create healthier menus. All recipes will include pictures that can be used for promotional materials.

Nutrition fact checking:

Has your organization created nutrition materials, infographics, books, brochures, or blogs, but not sure if the information is accurate? Kristina is able to fact check your materials and provide suggestions for improving the accuracy of the information.

Research and writing:

Are you working on a research project or need assistance with your organization’s research and grant writing? Kristina has experience with qualitative and quantitative research, including cross-culture research experiences. She has successfully received grants for her research studies.


Is your organization in need of a lively and energetic speaker to captivate your audience? Kristina is not short on energy, and her diverse knowledge and experiences are definitely intriguing! Kristina’s topics range from international nutrition, specifically to her work in Haiti and Uganda; general health and wellness; plant-based Eating 101; how to create a food environment to favor healthy eating. Please contact Kristina for other topics you may be interested in.

Classes/ workshops:

Knowledge is one of the greatest tools for transforming your life! Kristina offers a number of different classes from nutrition education to cooking classes. Hands-on experiences will be used while learning about the basics of nutrition, label reading, balanced eating, building a healthy plate, and grocery shopping.