Beating Cramps with Ginger

Talking about menstrual periods seems to be so taboo, but let’s face it– for most females when the “time of the month” strikes, it can be a very dreadful and painful experience. For some females the pain is so bad that it disrupts their normal routine. According to Dr. G at, the pain caused by periods is due to inflammation. Eating an antioxidant-rich diet (plant-based diet) may help to reduce inflammation, therefore the pain associated with menstruation. Further, incorporating ginger may help reduce cramps and the amount of blood lost during menstruation. It may even help reduce other mood and physical symptoms seen the week before menstruation.

If you are a women and your period is a dreadful experience for you: 1) always talk with your doc to make sure all is normal and 2) bop over to to discover more. 


Ginger-water (fresh ginger blended in water) is my new medicine for menstrual cramps– along with fennel seeds. My cramps were so intense one day that I was in tears, wanting to crawl-up in a ball like a baby! I contemplated taking an ibuprofen or Advil, but I am not a huge fan of taking medications (unless I absolutely need to)— so I thought I would give the ginger and fennel a try first. Boom! Almost instantly, my cramps went away and I felt amazing all day! 

Keep on keeping on, ladies! 

More female-specific health topics to come! 

Not a huge fan of ginger? Try it in a smoothie– recipe ideas below! 

Kristina DeMuth
vegan gingerbread cookie dough bitesKristina DeMuth
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